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Vegan Chocolate Syrup | The Brown_e





Eating a brownie by itself is an amazing and satisfying experience. You get so many different textures, with the intense chocolate taste and the richness and crunch of nuts…!

We absolutely love them like that and could eat them nonstop forever! But we also love adding different sauces on top, to add more nuances to the experience. They are incredibly versatile!

espresso with chocolate syrup

Adding chocolate syrup to your coffee is a very quick way to make a mocha

As this is our first recipe on the blog, we have thought of something simple, incredibly tasty and satisfying that you can have on brownies and keep in your fridge for other desserts. You can also have it with hot coffee or milk, yoghurt, whipped cream…or you can even spread it on a slice of bread! And it is vegan!


three chocolate brownies with chocolate syrup on a white plate


I love coffee and I am used to having one every morning. Today, I have added some syrup (I have tried it with milk coffee and espresso and they were both delicious!


It is a very simple way to upgrade your coffee game!

small cup of coffee with whipped cream and chocolate syrup

With this syrup, you can make your own Moccachino in 5 minutes


I must admit that I love toppings on coffee. I have also added some whipped cream to make it more flamboyant!

Would you like to make some whipped cream for yourself? There you go!


two slices of bread with chocolate syrup on top

Very simple idea for a homemade snack



Chocolate syrup on a slice of bread is such a quick dessert idea. If you have two slices…you can even make a sandwich!

It is also delicious with biscuits, cookies….let’s get creative!

And NO palm oil!



What is your favourite idea? What would you eat with chocolate syrup?

Let’s talk! Write a comment in the section below. We would like to try all the possible options!

Don’t forget to share your ideas. Tag us on social media and use the hashtag #thehomemaderevolution

Chocolate syrup

  • 50 g cocoa powder
  • 200 ml water
  • 100 g sugar (I have used granulated sugar but you can also use caster sugar))
  • a pinch salt
  1. Find a saucepan (small size would be enough), a wooden spoon and prepare your ingredients.

  2. Pour in the water with the cocoa powder. Heat it and stir to dissolve the cacao powder.

  3. Add the sugar with the pinch of salt. Little by little or one shot (if it is the first time you are making this sauce, I recommend you to add the sugar little by little and taste how sweet you would like it. You can always add some more but removing excess sugar would be more complicated!)

  4. Stir rapidly for 3-4 minutes as your syrup begins to thicken.

  5. Pour the syrup in a pot or a jar, let it cool down and enjoy!

Keep it in the fridge. You can store it for a month but honestly, I would be surprised if you didn’t eat it before that!