Whipped cream

There is a big difference between homemade whipped cream and the one you can buy at the supermarket. And it literally takes 5 minutes to make it!


Pancakes are perfect for breakfast! For this recipe we have used oil and almond milk and we absolutely love them!

Coffee sauce

Do you have leftover coffee? We invite you to use it in a simple and fun way. Let’s have some coffee sauce!

Caramel sauce

Delicious and very versatile homemade sauce. You can have it with coffee, fruit, yoghurt, pancakes, and of course, brownies!

Vegan Chocolate Syrup

This is our first recipe! This chocolate syrup is simple and vegan. You can add it on top of your brownies and other desserts and it is a great syrup to upgrade your coffee game!

Welcome to The Brown_e world!

Welcome to The Brown_e world! One of the motivations to start this project is my passion for homemade food. Let’s start the homemade revolution!