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OUR VALUES | The Brown_e


We use natural ingredients.

No preservatives, no additives, no artificial colouring or flavours.

We make everything ourselves, including different sauces and toppings.


Our ingredients have been chosen very carefully and we want you to know why.

Creativity and research

We are always looking for new ingredients, new trends…to make The Brown_e 2.0!


Ingredients have been thoroughly chosen to make the best brownies, with great taste and texture.


We believe in people and in our power when we stand together. Our community stands for happiness, sharing food, good vibes and warm beanies!


We are aware of trends, different ways of eating, diets and we are always looking for new ingredients to innovate! We love challenges so let us know if you have special requests. We will strive and make it possible! We have vegan, glutenfree and eggless options. We are also working on superfoods and new ingredients. Everybody is welcome here. We are a very diverse and happy group!