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Welcome to The Brown_e world! | The Brown_e

We are #thehomemaderevolution 


brownies on a wooden table below a camera

The very beginning of The Brown_e

After months of work and excitement, I am so glad you are reading these lines.  

My name is Sandra and as you have probably noticed, I love brownies. Every event is a good excuse to bake some and make people happy.

I discovered them 10 years ago and since then, I have tried every recipe I could find until I created my own.

Several months ago, I started the Instagram account @thebrown_e. I love how people share their passion for food and how it makes us come together!  I have learnt so much…and it has only started! And it would not have been possible without all the great vibes people have given me. I am so grateful to the people who have encouraged and supported me since the very beginning.

Being surrounded by positive people like my family, friends, my students and my boyfriend, has helped me enormously. Living in a house plenty of joy, happiness, creativity and support has made things much easier. Thank you.


small espresso cup with whipped cream next to three toffees

Lovely coffees have helped in the process!


What is the difference between homemade and industrial products for us?

One of the motivations to start this project is my passion for homemade products. Over the past months, I have talked about it with so many people.

What is the difference between homemade products and their industrial version? 

Personally they make me comfortable and safe, as if I were at home! And here is why: When I was 19 years old, and after one year living in a student residence far from home, I decided I’d had enough of canned food, premade frozen dishes, salads that came in bags and desserts full of additives, preservatives and colorants. That’s why I started cooking and baking.

Going to the local market, choosing the ingredients and making recipes became a ritual! It made me feel at home and the time spent in the kitchen became a source of relaxation and creativity. Since then, I have always cooked and baked. Preparing food from scratch and sharing it with family and friends makes me happy. The house is full of healthy scents that contribute to our well-being and our good mood. This is what we want you to experience. We want you to be in a cosy atmosphere, comfortable and happy.


three chocolate brownies very close to the camera

What does homemade food mean to you?

What are our rules?

The Brown_e is not only an online store.

It is a community of people who want to eat local homemade food.

Everybody deserves homemade sweets and treats and for this reason, we have thought of everybody. We are curious and interested in different ways of nourishing our bodies, diets, food trends and allergies. What do we mean when we write the word “diet”? The foods eaten by a particular person or group, not necessarily to lose weight but to reach a specific goal or because of their ethics. We have thought of gluten free, vegan and paleo and we will continue to develop new recipes regularly. Including everybody in our community is one of our most important rules.

Sharing food connects people and we want to connect with you. We have plenty of things to learn from each other. Why not learning with brownies ? Our number one goal is to make you happy. Homemade products, quality, creativity and honesty are our values. We want you to know where the products come from. We also want you to learn about new trends, ingredients and what their benefits are. But there is one thing we can’t stand : Food Waste. That’s why we will share recipes on how to reuse leftovers!


three brownies on a green transparent background

Welcome to The Brown_e world!


How do homemade products make you feel?

Let us know on the comment section below, we would love to know what you think!

Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #thehomemaderevolution 

Thank you and see you very soon!